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The SRM-80-215-IE brushless drive consists of the PM-108 permanent magnet synchronous motor and a control module integrated into a common case. It is intended to change the UL-061 and UL-062 general purpose brushed motors used for the UMP-II high voltage contact system disconnect switch drives

In comparison with the UL-061 and UL-062 brushed drives the SRM-80-215-IE brushless drive has the following advantages:

-          Improved reliability due to the absence of a commutator brush assembly

-          Higher efficiency in comparison with the brushed DC motor

-          Better dynamic behavior due to an electronic control system which enables the motor start with a constant torque up to the speed equal to the nominal one   

-          Reduction of probability of the stator winding breakdown due to individual stator coils

-          Overload motor protection my means of a control module

 The motor  develops a  starting torque of 2 Nm at the nominal supply voltage deviation between +10% and -25%.   

 The temperature range when in operation is between -40С and  +60С.

 Today the SRM-80-215-IE electric drives have been in a trial operation as a part of the UMP-II high voltage contact system disconnect switch drives.

The specifications of the SRM-80-215-IE electric drive are given below:


Operating supply voltage, V – 220

Rate speed, rpm – 8000+/-10%

Torque rating, Nm – 0.35

Peak torque, Nm – 2

Power rating, W - 300

Weight, kg – 4

Refrigeration method - ICOO40

IP Code – IP54

Duty cycle - S3-25%