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The  PM 108-200 electric motor with a control module was used for the electric drive of the conveyor belt feed system of food equipment. The control module provides the 1:50 adjustment range, triple overload capacity, short-circuit protection and temperature protection of the electric drive.

The brushless DC motor is a permanent-filed high-coercivity motor. The magnets are installed on a rotor. The drive reliability is provided by an interior structure of the motor magnetic system and by applying solutions which have been approved the world’s practice in the field of electronic engineering.

On the customer’s request we can develop and manufacture the electric drive with a brushless motor for a specific machinery according to the customer’s technical design specifications. 

Main specifications:

Operating supply voltage: 220V, 50Hz  

Power rating – 600W

Torque rating – 3.6Nm

Nominal speed – 1000

Peak torque – 10Nm

Motor weight – 6.0kg

Stator diameter – 108mm

Refrigeration method - ICO040

IP Code - IP54