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The PM-80-160-IE brushless drive consists of the PM-80 permanent magnet synchronous motor and a control unit integrated into a common case. It is intended for the gear-type pump drive of the cable communication lines hydrofuge filling station. 

It is a proprietary design of MAKO (Rovno). The УЗК АКВА-СТОП-К-2 (UZK AQUA-STOP-K-2) is intended for works with the ГФЗ-К-НТ ТУ 2513-002-509046666-02 (GFZ-K-NT TU (Specs) 2513-002-509046666-02) hydrophobic material at environmental temperature between –10 0С and +40 0С.


The PM-80-160-IE electric drives were in a year-round operation in the field environment. The required specifications of the pump were enabled.


The specifications of the PM-80-160-IE electric drive are presented below:

Nominal voltage, V – 12

Rate speed, rpm – 4500

Torque rating, Nm – 0.8

Peak torque, Nm – 1.6

Weight, kg – 3.2

Refrigeration method - ICOO40

IP Code – IP54