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The brushless drive is intended for replacement of the DRT-13 type brushed DC motor in a drive of a mine accumulator locomotive and operates together with a controlling system SUE-120-RV (СУЭ-120-РВ). 

 Absence of a commutator-and-brush assembly makes the brushless drive more reliable and safety when in operation in mines. 

The brushless drive structurally consists of a permanent magnet synchronous (brushed) motor with an integrated power converter which operates the motor. The brushless drive gets power supply and actuating signals from the controlling system SUE-120-RV through analog or digital interfaces which let to control the drive operation.  

Power inverter of the brushless drive provides:

-protection from the battery voltage output beyond the admissible values during the battery discharge

-three profiles of preset of the tractive force of the drive

-voltage control of the accumulator battery accurate to 0.2V within the range of 0 and 200V

-value control of average current of the motor accurate to 1A within the range of 0 and 300A

-temperature control of power tongs of the inverter accurate to 0.50C within the range of 0 and 1250C

-temperature control of the motor accurate to 0.50C within the range of 0 and 1250C

-current limitation of the inverter according to the temperature  

-current limitation of the motor according to the temperature 

-energy recovery while locomotive braking

-tapering of the preset current value according with the performance profile

-on start current limitation

-drive control with the help either analog or digital interface 


Specifications of the brushless drive

DC power supply voltage:

Operating – 120(144)V

Minimum – 102V

Maximum – 136(162)V

Motor ratings (for extended operation S1):

Output – min 7.1kW

Current – max 60A

Shaft torque – min 210Nm
Rate speed - 600rpm

Parameters of a one-hour operation (during an hour, without stopping)

Torque – min 122Nm

Nominal speed – min 600rpm

Current – max 130A

Parameters of a continuous operation (more than two hours, without stopping)

Torque – min 122Nm

Nominal speed – min 800rpm

Duty rating – 80%


Motor current overload capacity:

150% - period 60sec

175% (breaking capacity) – period 0.5sec

Climatic category and placement category, GOST 15150-UKhL5

Methane and/or coal dust explosive environment - max 3*10kg/m3; 2%CH4

Ingress protection level – IP54

Operation conditions group under the influence of external mechanical impact according to GOST 17516-1-M25

Operation conditions group according to GOST 9.104-V5

Explosion protection of the motor – RV 3V

Refrigeration method of the motor according to GOST 20459-87-ICA01141

Engine mounting – DRT-13