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The SRM-57-100 brushless drive consists of the SRM-57 permanent magnet synchronous drive and a control module based on the DSP-processor. The given electric drive, equipped with a high-resolution encoder, provides high dynamic characteristics at start-stops and wide range of speed control (D=500).




The Briz-T unit 

The Briz-T artificial lung 

The artificial lungs (such as Malyatko, Faza-8, Briz and Briz-T), produced by the Burevestnik Plant (Kiev), are filled with the SRM-57-100 electric drive.     

Application of the modern highly-efficient brushless drive helped to expand designated area of the Briz-T artificial lung intended to be used in ambulance cars, in disaster medicine, in-hospital transportation, in anesthesiology and reanimation departments, intensive care units of  health care centers. It became possible due to a full range of breathing regimes and lung ventilation characteristics. For the moment “Electrotechnica” Ltd. has produced more than 1500 SRM-57-100 electric drives.     

The specifications of the electric drive are given below:
 Nominal voltage – 24V

Rate speed – 4500rpm

Rating torque – 0.05Nm

Peak torque – 0.1Nm

Power rating – 21W

Depth of control – 1:500

Weight – 0.7kg

Refrigeration method – ICO040

IP Code – IP54

Control module weight – 0.6kg

Control module size - 150*80*35