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The asynchronous motor and the frequency converter were replaced

The developed brushless drive is intended to replace the existing brushed DC motors with a high-efficiency controlled electric drive. 

The brushless drive is intended for operation in the following conditions:

-          Boreal climate, category 3.1 according to GOST 15150

-          Operating temperature range – 0…+400C

-          Transportation temperature range - -40.. +600C

-          Sea level elevation – max 1000m

-          Relative humidity – max 80% at a temperature of 200C

-          Non-explosive environment, without gases and fuses that are harmful to isolation, without current-conducting dust

Main specifications PM-108-250M

Operating supply voltage: ~220V 50Hz   +10%/-20%

Power rating – 250W

Torque rating – 2.5Nm

Nominal speed – 1000 min-1

Maximum speed – 1200 min-1

Control range 1:4

Peak torque – 5Nm

Motor weight – max 4.5kg

Refrigeration method – ICO040

IP Code – IP54

Size of motor control unit – 160*154*105mm

Weight of motor control unit – max 1.6kg