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The Motor Sich-500 milk skimming machine is a high-performance device (500l/h). Fat content in skimmed milk can be lowered to 0.03%. Cream/skimmed milk volume proportion adjustment range can be changed from 1:4 to 1:10.  

Motor for the Motor Sich-500 separator

Reliable operation of the separator is provided by the permanent magnet synchronous motor, which Motor Sich-500 was equipped with in 2013. 


Power supply voltage:

-          Frequency 50Hz, V-220V (+/-22V)

-          Frequency 60Hz, V-220V (+/-22V)

Rotor speed, 10500 rpm (+/-500rpm)

Nominal input current – 1.1A

Starting current – 1.75A

DC copper resistance – 1.4Ohm

Energy consumption – 250W

Power factor – 0.65

Duty cycle according to GOST 28173-S1

Noise level – 76 dB (A)

RMS value of vibration speed – 7.1 mm/s

Peak torque  - 0.25Nm